Content is present in which an individual is misrepresenting their identity.

Kroogi Policy: If a journal exists primarily to impersonate, the journal will be permanently suspended. If there is content that misrepresents the poster's identity, but the journal does not exist primarily for this purpose, access to the post will be disabled.

Accounts that exist as satire of, or to role-play as a public figure are considered allowable so long as the journal very clearly states that the journal author is not actually the person they are representing. This should be visible both in the journal's profile and in the journal itself (either incorporated into the style or in a future dated entry). One such disclaimer, which users in this situation are welcome to use, is: "In creating this journal, the author has assumed another person's identity for the sole purpose of entertainment, without intending to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud either the person whose identity the author has assumed, nor any reader of this content."

Identity theft is a serious problem, and to reduce the risk of someone claiming to be someone else and taking actions or saying things that would damage the actual person, we've chosen to forbid impersonation of other individuals on our service. We do, however, recognize that many users wish to create accounts of public figures, which we've chosen to permit if it a user makes a clear, visible statement that they are not actually that person.

Account Break-in
A person has gained access to another user's account without the authorization of the journal owner.

Kroogi Policy: If there is proof as to the identity of the person responsible, all accounts owned by the responsible person will be terminated. Any user who posts any scheme that attempts to gather Kroogi users’ passwords will also be subject to termination. The individual whose account was accessed should be provided a link to FAQ 117 which contains information on how to resecure their account.

Users should never provide their passwords to anyone, including their friends or representatives of Kroogi, for any reason. Similarly, you should never log in to another person's account even if they have provided you with the password and given you permission. In such cases, if the other user later claims they did not authorize you to log in, the Kroogi Support will assume their statement is true without substantial evidence to the contrary.

In cases where there is evidence that a large number of accounts have been broken into, all accounts suspected of being inappropriately accessed may be suspended until each journal owner has contacted the Kroogi Support and taken appropriate steps to re-secure their account.

At the discretion of Kroogi, Inc., in cases that the identity of the person whose account has been compromised can be absolutely confirmed, other options to return control of the journal to the owner may be taken.

Kroogi takes extensive precautions to prevent users from losing access to their accounts. Some users still, however, lose access to their accounts through various means. Kroogi has no tolerance for individuals who break in to other users' accounts, and has adopted the policy to send a clear message that such people will not be allowed to maintain accounts here.

Invasion of Privacy
User is posting the full name, email address, telephone number, Social Security / Social Insurance / National Insurance number (or similar) and/or address of another person, or is posting material that is sufficient for an unconnected reader to obtain the same.

Kroogi Policy: If content is present which meets the above description, access to the post with that information will be disabled. We reserve the right to require proof of identity before acting to remove such content at the discretion of the Abuse Prevention Team.

It is not considered Invasion of Privacy to reproduce any information contained in a user's public journal entries or profile.

It's our philosophy that all of our users should have complete control over their own information at all times, and choose what information is publicly available. If someone is posting another person's full name or email address, it removes the person's ability to control who has access to that information, so we require its removal. Immediate suspensions are used for address, telephone number, and Social Security number/National Insurance number or similar, because of the serious implications such information can have for the person whose information is posted. Immediate suspension removes the information from public view as quickly as possible to minimize the damages.

Third-Party Requests
Someone other than the person directly affected or targeted by abuse submits a report.

Kroogi Policy: No action required. The person submitting the report should be advised that the person directly involved with the situation would need to contact the Kroogi Support.

Requests from third parties may be considered if there is clear evidence that the person directly involved cannot submit a request on their own behalf.

The person who is targeted by the post may not have any objections to the material that is posted. Because of this, we feel it important to receive a request from the person actually affected by the offending content, or someone legally authorized to act for them, to ensure they want to have the material removed.

Non-Kroogi Requests
Any report regarding material that is not present on Kroogi, nor is being linked to in any way from Kroogi.

Kroogi Policy: The reporting user should be informed we have no influence over the content, and should be advised that in order to resolve their issue they will need to contact the appropriate department of the website where the content is located.

This also includes reports of action taken by a user on another service. We do not take action against users on Kroogi for offenses they may have committed elsewhere.

This one speaks for itself; we simply can't act as the Support or Abuse department for another website. It's none of our business what occurs off our servers, unless that offsite content is brought to Kroogi in some way.

Missing Hosts
An active project is experiencing issues that require the attention of a host to resolve, and no active host is present.

Kroogi Policy: If there are situations present in the project that require a host's intervention, the Kroogi Support will attempt to contact the host(s), inquire if they still wish to maintain their projects, and transfer host rights to another member of the project as appropriate.

Inactive projects or projects which do not have any situations present which would require the attention of a host will not have host rights transferred.

Who is chosen as new host will be based on a number of factors, including who appears to be active within the project, who has exhibited ability to resolve conflicts, and who has demonstrated willingness to keep the project within the boundaries of Kroogi's Terms of Service.

Sometimes people stop using Kroogi, and sometimes that person will be a project host. We feel it is necessary, under certain circumstances, to give host status to other members within the project to deal with problems along the lines of spam, harassing users, and a number of other problems that can arise in active projects.

Copyright Violation
Kroogi has received official notification that content posted by a user violates the copyright of another person or business.

Kroogi Policy: Upon receipt of a notification compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), access to the material will be disabled.

The reported user has the option of filing a counter-notification if they believe they are legally entitled to use the material.

Kroogi does not make legal determinations regarding use of content allegedly infringing on another person's copyright, such as whether or not use of the content qualifies as "fair use". Users who feel they have a legal right to use the material may counter-notify; we strongly advise that they consult with a lawyer before filing a counter-notification.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act sets forth provisions for what an online provider must do to remain compliant with United States copyright law. We provide our users the standard compliance timeline to remove the material willingly before taking further action as a courtesy, except in the case of repeat offenders, as the law requires us to deny service to repeat copyright violators.

COPPA Violation
Account holder is reported to be under the age of 13.

Kroogi Policy: If there is conclusive proof (such as an admission of age or date of birth) an account holder is under the age of 13, the contact information for the account will be removed from Kroogi, and no new entries or comments can be made by the account until a parent or legal guardian has authorized use of the account for the child.

No action will be taken if there is no conclusive proof as to a person's age.

A parent can have their child's account marked as underage if the child is under the age of 13 by sending an email to which contains a copy of the user's birth certificate or government issued identification which lists their date of birth, a photocopy of the parent/guardian's government ID, and a statement made under penalty of perjury that they are the parent/guardian of the user. The following statement can be used for this purpose: "By submitting this request, I affirm under penalty of perjury, that I am a parent or legal guardian of ________ and that the records I am submitting are true and accurate."

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires online service providers based in the United States to take a number of measures related to the collection of information from people under the age of 13. Because of those provisions, if we are made aware of a statement on Kroogi's servers that any person is under the age of 13, we will take the above listed actions in order ensure we are in compliance with COPPA.

Inappropriate Content
A user has posted content which incites, encourages, or advocates pedophilia, the abuse of children in any way, or the act of rape.

Kroogi Policy: All accounts belonging to the user who posted the material will be terminated.

This policy exists due to the extremely harmful nature of the activities in question, and we do not want users who incite, encourage, or advocate any of these activities present on Kroogi.

Child Pornography and Explicit Images of Minors
A user has posted content on Kroogi, or has provided means for others to obtain content, which meets the legal definition of child pornography. Kroogi Policy: Content that clearly meets the legal definition of child pornography will result in termination of the user's account. Additionally, the content will be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Content which does not clearly meet the definition of child pornography but which is questionable due to uncertainty regarding the age of person(s) portrayed, or which, for any other reason demonstrates characteristics which, in Kroogi's opinion, is questionable, Kroogi will disable access to that material pending internal review. If the poster can provide clear evidence that the person was 18 or older at the time the image was created, they may continue use of the material.

Kroogi has adopted this policy to be compliant with United States law. Any photograph, video, or other similar content that would lead an ordinary person to conclude that it depicts an actual minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct is covered by this policy.

United States law is very strict regarding child pornography, and Kroogi has zero tolerance for this type of illegal content, or the users who have posted it.

Self Harm
Material posted which encourages or instructs others on how to engage in destructive behavior such as self-injury, self-mutilation, anorexia, drug or alcohol overdose, or suicide.

Kroogi Policy: If the material provides instructions on how to commit self-destructive behavior, or encourages others to do same, access to the material will be disabled. If an entire journal or project is dedicated to instructing or encouraging self-destructive behavior, the account will be suspended. Content that only discusses self-destructive behavior, even in positive terms, is not prohibited.

This policy does not apply to content which is clearly satirical/hyperbole.

Kroogi does not condone self-destructive behavior in any capacity, such as projects that promote anorexia as a healthy lifestyle choice, but we also recognize that users should be able to discuss and seek support for dealing with problems related to self-harm. We do not, however, allow content which encourages or instructs others on how to engage in self-destructive behavior.

Suicidal Posts
A report has been received indicating that a user is at risk for suicide.

Kroogi Policy: If the user has stated in no uncertain terms that (a) he or she intends to commit suicide, (b) his or her stated plans are currently happening or scheduled for a specific time, and (c) the Support Team is able to determine sufficient information for the police to locate the user (full name and either address or telephone number), the user's local authorities will be contacted, provided with the information available, and the caller will urge the authorities to send an officer to the user's location for a "wellness check". If all three of these conditions are not met, no action can be taken.

The conditions that are outlined above are in place because these are generally required by authorities before they can assist in these matters.

Suicide is a very serious matter, and we believe it is our responsibility to notify proper authorities when we are made aware of a Kroogi user attempting to commit suicide. While we may not be legally required to do so, we feel it is our moral and ethical obligation to take any and all action we can to prevent the potential loss of someone's life.

Objectionable Avatar
An avatar contains graphic nudity, sexual, violent, or otherwise objectionable content.

Kroogi Policy: If the avatar is set as default, the user should be emailed and required to select a non-adult default avatar. User is, however, still permitted to continue use of the image as a non-default avatar.

If the avatar is not set as default, no action will be taken unless the image violates other policies.

If the content is not graphic or explicit in nature, no action will be taken. This includes images that contain non-sexualized nudity, such as images of mothers breastfeeding or an image of the Statue of David.

Default avatars appear in areas users can reach randomly, and with no reasonable expectation of finding such content. This is also an attempt to restrict what types of content minors may encounter through normal use of the website.

A person has become the target of hostile behavior on Kroogi.

Kroogi Policy: If the content merely states negative feelings or opinions of another person, no action will be taken.

If a user makes a statement that encourages or incites others to harass another person in any way, access to that content will be disabled. This can also extend to entries in which harassment has not been explicitly called for, but is implied, at the discretion of the Kroogi Support.

Accounts or projects that exist primarily to harass or disrupt use of the service for others will be permanently suspended.

We encourage users who are being harassed in projects to bring the matter to the attention of the project's hosts, as they may be able to help resolve the situation. However, project hosts are under no obligation to remove content that is not in violation of the Terms of Service.

Kroogi is a place that many people use to talk about their lives, and that often includes talking about other people. It is important to balance an individual's right to discuss things important to them with another individual's right to privacy and freedom from harassment. We have adopted this policy because we feel it creates a fair balance between these sometimes conflicting ideals.

Hate Speech
A user has posted content which encourages, incites, or advocates harm or violence against a specific person or group of people.

Kroogi Policy: If the content meets the above criteria, access to that content will be disabled.

If a journal or project consists primarily of hate speech, the account will be permanently suspended.

Hate speech is a crime if the speaker threatens violence against a specific person or group of persons that has, or is perceived to have, a character trait that is protected by law, and if the speaker has the apparent ability to carry out the threat.

This policy does not apply to content which is clearly satirical/hyperbole.

While only certain groups are extended this protection under U.S. law, we have decided to not allow content which incites harm against any person or group. We feel it is important that users do not use Kroogi as a means of encouraging violence against anyone, regardless of the reason.

Illegal Content
User is posting content that is intrinsically illegal, or is soliciting, instructing, or encouraging others to violate the law.

Kroogi Policy: Because U.S. law is clear on this matter, any threat to kill, kidnap, or harm the president of the United States will result in the termination of all accounts belonging to the user making the threat.

In the case of content that is intrinsically illegal, such as attempting to buy or sell things that are illegal to distribute, access to the post will be disabled.

Content that solicits, instructs, or encourages illegal activities will result in access to the post being disabled. If the illegal activity is deemed by the Kroogi Support to be likely to cause permanent or irreparable harm, permanent suspension may be considered.

This policy does not cover material that merely discusses illegal activities from a theoretical, academic, or personal experience viewpoint.

As noted in section XXI of the Terms of Service, Kroogi is based in California, and as such is governed by U.S. federal law and the laws of the State of California. Users not residing in the U.S. are still required to abide by U.S. law on Kroogi.

While discussing illegal activities may not be illegal itself, providing information to others on how to break the law can be. To protect our users, and ourselves we take action to remove this material when it is brought to our attention.

Numerous identical or nearly identical unsolicited, unwanted comments or entries have been posted to various accounts and/or projects.

Kroogi Policy: If a journal owner or project host believes a comment is spam, he or she should delete the content, and select the "Mark as Spam" option which will appear. This will submit a report to our spam management system, and will be included with any other reports against the same user (or IP address for anonymous comments). These reports are periodically reviewed and acted upon by the Abuse Prevention Team.

If it is determined that a user is spamming, they will receive a warning. Repeat offenses will lead to further action being taken. Accounts that exist primarily for the purpose of spamming will be permanently suspended.

People almost unanimously agree that spam is unwanted, whether it be in the form of email, entries on their friends pages, or comments to their journal. Because of this, we believe it is appropriate to prohibit users of the service from posting a large number of unsolicited comments or entries.

Threatening Content
An entry or comment threatens harm to another person.

Kroogi Policy: In all cases where a user indicates they feel threatened, they should be advised to contact their local authorities. No action should be taken until the person being threatened has confirmed that action by Kroogi will not destroy evidence for any criminal investigation they may pursue.

If confirmed, access to the entry will be disabled. Repeat offenders may have further action taken against their account.

Threats that are clearly satirical, hyperbolic, or demonstrate by other means that the poster has neither the ability nor intent to carry out the threat will not be acted on.

We acknowledge that removing a threatening entry will not remove an individual's intent to act, and in many cases may hinder authorities' ability to investigate a matter. We do, however, feel it appropriate to remove threatening content if the person being threatened acknowledges this, and that users repeatedly threatening others should not be permitted to continue doing so.

Journal Ban Evasion
A user which has been banned from a journal or community is using alternate accounts to continue commenting.

Kroogi Policy: User should receive a warning that use of alternate accounts for the purpose of circumventing bans is not permitted.

Repeat offenders will be subject to further action taken against their account(s).

Because Kroogi offers technical solutions to prevent unwanted contact from other people, we feel it is important that people attempt to resolve their disputes through use of these tools prior to intervention from the Support Team. In some cases, however, new accounts are created to continue to contact someone who has banned the user from their journal. This policy is designed to ensure that a user can block unwanted contact even from users who attempt to circumvent the technical measures in place.

Evasion of Termination
Offender has continued to use Kroogi after being informed that they are no longer permitted to maintain any accounts on the site (terminated).

Kroogi Policy: If there is proof that a user who was previously terminated is using the service again, all accounts belonging to that person will be permanently suspended.

This policy only applies to users who have previously been terminated. Most users who have had accounts suspended are still permitted to use alternate accounts, and will only have action taken against them if they continue to violate the Terms of Service.

This policy allows us to continue enforcing the termination of individuals who have been removed from the service for either grievous violations of U.S. law, or who have proven they are unable to abide by the Terms of Service.

When an single entry is suspended, it is accessible and viewable only to the poster of the entry and select employees and volunteers. Users are able to edit suspended entries and submit requests for the edited version to be reviewed by the Kroogi Support. Should the edited version comply with Kroogi's stated policies and Terms of Service, the new entry will again be visible and accessible. Should the edited version not comply with Kroogi's stated policies and Terms of Service, the entry will remain suspended.

When a user's account is suspended, all entries and comments the user has made through that account anywhere on Kroogi are hidden, and no new entries or comments can be posted. Unless they have been informed that the suspension is permanent, a user can have their account unsuspended.

A terminated user refers to a person who has had all accounts belonging to them permanently suspended, and has been informed they are not welcome to continue using Kroogi.

Notice of No Contact
A Notice of No Contact prohibits two users from having any contact with one another in any form on Kroogi. This is used in very limited cases where extensive harassment between two users has occurred over a long period of time, and cannot be resolved through any other means (such as banning the other user from their journal). This is considered a last resort and a final warning; violation of a Notice of No Contact will generally result in termination.

Disable Access to Material
Kroogi's available tools for removing access to material are to either suspend a single entry, suspend an entire account, or to delete the content. Kroogi will opt to suspend single entries before entire accounts where it is possible and reasonable to do so. Deletion of content by Kroogi staff or volunteers is our least preferred method of disabling access to material, and will generally only be done when a user cannot edit or delete content themselves (such as anonymous comments, content posted by accounts which are in a "purged" status, or content which is present in projects to which the user no longer has access).

Repeat Offenders
Users who have repeatedly violated the same policy will have further action taken against them for each subsequent violation. Emails to users who have violated a policy should explain what specific action will be taken on their next violation. Any violation, if committed enough times, can lead to termination.

Violations that were posted prior to the first warning being sent will generally only result in a new warning being issued. Exceptions to this principle will usually only occur when Kroogi has a legal obligation to do otherwise, as is the case with Copyright Violations.

The standard process for most cases is to suspend a single entry on first offense. On second offense, the entry is suspended and the journal placed in read-only mode until the journal owner has contacted the Kroogi Support indicating they will not continue to violate the same policy. Subsequent offenses would result in violating entries being suspended and the journal being placed in read-only mode. Finally, should there be repeated and systematic offenses of the same nature, Kroogi will terminate the account.
Standard Compliance Timeline
In cases where it is not possible to disable access to material, a user is given 72 hours to comply from the time an email is sent, with the time rounded as necessary to bring the deadline to 12:01 AM, Eastern Standard/Daylight Time (05:01/04:01 GMT). Failure to remove the content by the given deadline will result in the suspension of the account that has posted the material.

A suspended user should receive an email from the Kroogi Support that contains instructions on how to unsuspend their account, as well as information on what actions they will need to take to prevent being re-suspended.

Once a user has unsuspended their account, they will have 2 hours to make the necessary corrections. Additional time may be granted at the discretion of the Kroogi Support, if they believe this additional time would be necessary to complete the required changes. If a user fails to make the necessary corrections in this time frame, their account will be suspended permanently.