Kroogi is An Arena, A Wonderland,
Kroogi is A Gallery - designed and intended for:

  • Content Creators - musicians, artists, filmmakers, writers, poets, etc.,
  • Content Connoisseurs, and
  • Gallery Owners - labels, producers, publishers, promoters, and well… gallerists.

Keep in mind that Kroogi is not limited to certain genres or types of work. Kroogi is a versatile and multifaceted tool, far more exciting and engaging than your average gallery.

Rules of Success for Content Creators
If you are a Content Creator, then for you, Kroogi is:
  • A Portfolio.
  • Your Own Community (and Personal Fans).
  • A Set of Tools to Promote and Monetize Your Content (Who wants to be a starving artist?).

  1. Start by creating a profile page. Remember that you have approximately 5 seconds to intrigue a random visitor. Make it attractive. Make it enticing. Make it clear (Don't beat around the bush, and make us proud).
    • Upload an avatar. It should look good within a resolution of 80x80 pixels, be eye-catching, and represent your project well.
    • Upload a banner. This will be the "cover" page of your profile. In graphic design terms, it must "speak" to your audience, and be representative of "the now." This picture should be current, so do stick to common sense and update it from time to time (Keep those decade-old yearbook photos at bay).
    • Write about your genius. Go to Settings >> Account >> Profile >> Info. Write concisely, so that someone visiting your page for the first time, unfamiliar with your project, will understand within 5 seconds what your project is about and what he/she may hope to gain from it (and give you for it).
    • Fill the "Content" section on your profile. To do this, use the "Add" button in the upper right-hand corner. First add the bread and butter of your work: if you are a musician – upload music albums, if you are writer – prose and poetry, if you are an artist – paintings, photographs, etc. (You know what you're best at - make sure we do too).
    • Use plenty of graphics and photos. In the universal web-o-sphere, we mere mortals (and robots) are accustomed to visual stimuli. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words!
    • Select 2-3 of your most indicative & fantastic works; add them to your "Featured" section. This will serve as your creative "calling card" for those who first stumble upon your project.
  2. Communicate with your audience. Be friendly and sociable. Allow friends and fans to make themselves known:
    • Add and invite people into your community. Make new friends, fans, supporters, and connect with existing ones.
    • Respond to messages and comments. Engage your fan club and share the love. Supporters and connoisseurs appreciate connecting with the artists they support.
    • Organize contests, raffles for prizes, quizzes for fans, and create a forum. Make browsing and acquiring your content fun! (Blasé web pages are so 20th century).
    • Use the "Submitted By Others" Module. You will find this module on the right-hand side of your profile page. Your community most certainly has a bounty of material - about you or things you find interesting- this module allows your community members to share images, music, videos, writing, and opinions with one another (and you, the main event, of course).
  3. Broaden your Horizons, and Your Audience.
    • Invite friends from the "real" world to befriend you on Kroogi.
    • Invite your virtual friends and those from other social networks.
    • Tell everyone about your project on Kroogi. Caring is sharing – let your followers and friends on Facebook, Myspace, Livejournal, Vkontakte, and personal websites know what you've been working on! Write an article on Wikipedia about yourself! Send an announcement to your mailing list! Let your grandmother know! … Maybe.
    • Keep track of your news feed, comment.
    • Share Content. Any content uploaded to Kroogi, can be shared via transfer to popular online resources: Facebook, Livejournal, etc. Simply use the "Share" module to proliferate your content on sites often visited by people interested in your creative endeavors (be pleasantly surprised by how many of them will be interested).
  4. Keep the Interest of Those Interested in You.
    • Updates of your collection of work on Kroogi should not be static. Your collection should regularly expand and grow; do tend to your garden. Experience shows that if your content is updated at least once a month, fans will not be bored.
    • Record and Share on Kroogi. Make sure to record rehearsal videos, outtakes, clips, behind the scenes glimpses, trailers, and videos on a variety of topics for Kroogi users to enjoy and interact with.
    • Release a couple of tracks before you release your new album. This will build hype and interest for your premier. The more you give, the more you get.
    • Tell us about it. Share news and events from your creative world with your community. Make announcements about upcoming concerts, art shows, performances, and the like.
  5. Create and Join "Circles." "Circles" are arranged concentrically on Kroogi, meaning, the closer to the center (to you) - the more interesting it all becomes.
    • Make your circle intriguing. This concentric structure can be used to create an entertaining interaction with users: the more intimate the circle they are accepted into, the more exclusive the content will be that is available to them. Invite participants and activists from neighboring Circles.
  6. Arrange Premieres and Content Releases on Kroogi. Nothing attracts an audience as effectively as new content: albums, books, videos, etc. Give some, get some.
    • Help Us Help You. Send us, the administrators, a message about your upcoming premiere on Kroogi. We will try our best to help your with advertising, site-wide. Make sure to write us in advance, 2-3 weeks is best.
    • News and content travels fast. Any content that is located on Kroogi will very easily pass from to other social networks; it will "walk" through the network, roaming from Kroogi to Twitter, Twitter to Facebook, and so on.
    • Begin the "Nomadic Process." Use the "embed-code" for the distribution of content via Facebook, Livejournal, Vkontakte, plain web pages – wherever your intended audience may see it, and wherever you want to put it.
  7. We are constantly working to optimize our site for the "find-ability" of your pages in search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex). Here are some tips to make sure that our optimization works for you.
    • Try to keep your content in one place. This allows search engines to increase the rating of your content. For example, if a book or album is simultaneously in two places: on Kroogi, and on your personal site, the ratings (and hits) of both links in search engines is low. Conversely, if a book or album is only on Kroogi, citing/linking to Kroogi from your site - it will have a much better rating in search engines. Popularity counts.
    • Name Your Project Accurately. Name your project on Kroogi as it is known/ you are known elsewhere, literally and completely. If the nickname of the project does not meet its real name, use the "display name" in order to inform the world wide web of the real name of the project. Do not forget that you can enter a display name in two languages: Russian and English, This will also increase the "find-ability" of your page.
    • Properly Tag Your Albums. Make sure that you have written your music albums' full information, including the full album title, full track title, and year of the album's release.
    • Neatly List Your ID3 Tags. Before you share your music with the rest of us, correctly list the ID3 tags: title track, album, artist, year, and genre.

Rules of Success for Content Connoisseurs
If you are a Content Connoisseur, then for you, Kroogi is:
  • An art gallery, a concert hall, a literary magazine.
  • A place where you can meet friends, associates, interesting people, learn about and acquire exciting new content.
  • An opportunity to take part in the cultural process of becoming an arbiter of fine arts, a philanthropist, a supporter of artists by word and deed! Much more than your run-of-the-mill "fan."

  1. Decorate. Create a profile, upload an avatar, banner, graphic imagery, write about yourself in the Settings >> Account >> Profile >> Info. It is important for artists to know their audience members, and you can give them this unique opportunity.
  2. Comment. Attention is important to everyone. We work with celebrities and stars of the most adept magnitude and see how they all, without exception, carefully and anxiously read comments on their content. Give feedback, get connected.
  3. Use Circles. Invite your friends to join your favorite artists' Circles. Help artists widen their audience and share content with you by joining. These concentric structures allow you to connect with creators and fellow connoisseurs. Some circles will provide you with exclusive, rare content – available only to those closest to the center.
  4. Help spread the content you like. To do this, use the "Share" module - you can help the spread of art throughout the network and play a crucial role in the creative destiny of the artist.
    Use the module to tell friends on other social networks about an awesome, new discovery in music, film, art, etc. Your media impressions support the proliferation of creators' content more than you can imagine!
  5. Support the Content Gourmet. Kroogi is a social network in which content creators hope their creations will inspire your support. No one (except us, Kroogi) will remind you of this openly – lest the topic become taboo. However, to the creators, your support is truly vital. If you like the content and have the chance – please pay/donate.

Rules of Success for Gallery Owners
If you are a Gallery Owner, then for you, Kroogi is:
  • A site for the promotion of your artists to thousands of people.
  • A place where you can find new talent, and learn about current fascinations.
  • An innovative tool to promote and monetize your creative artists. Bring home the proverbial bacon, and don't let your artists starve!

  1. Create your personal account.
  2. Write to us at : we have many useful professional tools built into our system. We'll tell you about them, and teach you to use them.

Have you been yearning for a fun and ergonomic way to share your content with the web? Crave no longer!

Kroogi Portfolio To The Rescue
Portfolio is a web widget that allows you to streamline your content in an attractive, intuitive way. Portfolio will feature these items, along with your "About" section, front-and-center on your Kroogi profile page or Facebook page. In doing so, Portfolio not only organizes your media, but also gives you full exhibitory control (no shame in unwavering dictatorship here). Did we mention it goes great with Facebook (see below).

Need Help with your Portfolio? We've got you covered.

1. Create An Account
Create a Kroogi Account, either through Standard Registration or FB Authentification (using Facebook), in order to create a Portfolio of your own. Whichever method you choose, rest assured that both will give you access to the same fantastic Portfolio features.

You and Yours. Once you have created an account, go ahead and Set up your profile. Add an enticing profile image and avatar. Make sure to tell us a bit about yourself or your project by filling up your "About" section (We want to know!). It is a good idea to create projects for your bands or other creative outlets — divulge your talents. That said, we have outlined a few Rules of Success that are sure to make you and yours shine all the brighter.

2. Upload Content
Upload Your Own Creative Content. This can be music, fine art, photography, literary musings, whatever your heart desires and mind conspires. As we mentioned before, Portfolio heralds specific content, but your Kroogi Content section will support as much as you want to give (within reason). To do this, use the "Add Content" button located in the upper right-hand corner.

More Than A Taste. Remember to upload more content than you place into Portfolio – this will keep users interested in your work and inspire them to explore your additional content. Think of Portfolio as a teaser, a hook that will grab a new audience member and reel them in to the abundant "Content" section of your Kroogi page.

3. Create Portfolio
Set Up Your Portfolio. Portfolio is a web widget that allows you to streamline up to 3 of your best content items in an attractive, intuitive way. Portfolio will feature these items, along with your "About" section, front-and-center on your Kroogi profile page or Facebook page.

Choose Wisely and Diversely. A limit of 3 content items (Music, Albums, Videos, Texts and Announcements) can be added to your Portfolio, along with your Info/About Section. it is not necessary to use all 3 content tabs, and you can maneuver the order of the tabs to your liking. We recommend adding different types of content items to your Portfolio to entertain and engage your audience. Don't be afraid to mix it up; add announcements, Kroogi Tools, latest work, best/favorite work, or content that differs from your primary media. For example, if you are a musician, add a photo album or video clip. Most importantly, be sure choose what resonates with you or your project.

4. Add Your Kroogi Portfolio to Facebook
Adding Kroogi Portfolio to your Facebook page allows you to optimally share your content with others. This is a great way to merge your enterprise and social life; friends, fans, and followers will be able to keep up-to-date on your creative endeavors, while basking in your glory. Show off your talents, widen your audience.

Add Portfolio To Facebook. In order to utilize Portfolio on Facebook, you must have an existing FB page and allow Kroogi to access your FB page (permission to share various data and manage Portfolio posts). Once it is added, Portfolio will automatically update itself on FB if any changes are made on Kroogi.

Add a Banner to your Portfolio on FB in order to make it as effective as possible. This banner will serve as a cover photo for your Portfolio. Keep this area current and enticing, remember – you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it your best.

We Kroogi. Do You?
The success of your Kroogi Project depends on the way you create and maintain relationships with your followers. People will visit your page for these reasons:

1. To download content and receive news and updates;
2. To access exclusive content, events, and information;
3. To interact with you;
4. To find people with similar interests.

So, there are three things you should do:

1. Manage your circles; be aware of your followers, interact with them, respond to their questions and comments;
2. Keep your content interesting and up to date; Make sure you tell your followers about upcoming events and releases;
3. Be involved; create a personal connection with your followers.

You should create a separate Kroogi project for each of your creative ventures. Projects will allow you to organize your fans into 5 circles, 3 of which will have an option of a subscription-based (paid) membership.

To create a new project
Go to the "My Projects" Link at the top of the Kroogi home page.

The next page will list all of your current projects. To create a new one, click the "Create New Project" link in the box on the to your profile picture.

The next screen will prompt you to enter your new project's name and other information. You will also have the option to hide your project from public view so it will not be visible until you have finished setting it up.

Once you create your project, add an avatar, a picture and continue by choosing tabs on the left.

1. Use a detailed photo or drawing for your Kroogi picture – this is the first thing visitors to your Profile Page will see.
2. Use smaller (80 by 80px) images for your project's avatars. Your avatars will be used to represent the project when you communicate with others. People should be able to recognize your main avatar at a glance when scanning through a list of messages or comments. You can have up to 16 avatars per project.

To edit details about your project
Click on the "Edit Project Settings" link located under buttons in your header box.

The next screen will show you options for editing your project's Details, Pictures, Avatar, and Settings. It will also show you links to manage your circles, see who receives emails about your project's activity, manage your payment systems, and connect your Kroogi and LiveJournal accounts.

Receiving Money on
Before you can start receiving money on, you must accept our Terms of Service and link your Kroogi and WebMoney or Yandex.Money accounts (PayPal is temporarily unavailable on Kroogi).

Once that's done, you will be able to accept the following methods of payments:
  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • WebMoney (WMZ, WME, WMR)
  • SMS payments
  • Yandex.Money charges a commission of 15% on payments made with credit cards, WebMoney, and Yandex.Money, and 8% on payments made through SMS. The funds can be cashed out via WebMoney 30 days after a payment is made (60 days for credit card payments). The waiting period is a necessary part of our fraud prevention mechanism, put in place to protect the interests of all parties involved in monetary transactions on

Please note that the service providers' commission on SMS payments can be as high as 40 to 60 percent, which is why we give you the option to disable SMS payments.

Your Money Center
To view and manage your payments and withdrawals and review the transactions made on your account, visit your Money Center by following the link in the Account dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the website.
If you have one or more Projects, the right-hand side of the page will contain tags with your Projects' avatars and names. To view and manage a Project's transactions, choose the appropriate tag.

On the left-hand side, the Money Center features four main sections:
  • "Payment System Overview" contains the information about your payment system, total contributions received, pending contributions, and funds available for withdrawal.
  • "Contributions Received" provides a detailed account of all contributions you received.
  • "Contributions Made" lists the contributions you have made to support other Kroogi users. Projects do not have this section because Projects cannot make contributions, only users can.
  • "Withdrawals" contains information regarding your withdrawals.

Follow the "Money Settings" link to:
  • add or change your fund withdrawal account
  • activate or disable SMS payments
  • activate or disable the home page "Donate" button

Connecting WebMoney
In order to add a WebMoney purse to your Kroogi account, the level of your WM member status must be "Initial Passport" or higher. To learn more about WebMoney passports visit WM's General Information.

Only WMZ purses (USD) are supported on Create a WMZ purse before you begin to set up a withdrawal account.

We recommend that you use WM Keeper Light, but other WM Keeper options will work too.

1. To get started, log into your WebMoney account and leave the browser window or tab open.

2. Open a new browser window or tab and log into your Kroogi account. Then, go to your Money Center. It should indicate that you have no fund withdrawal account set up.

If you have one or more Kroogi Projects and wish to set up your personal Money Center, make sure you are not using Kroogi as one of your Projects; you will need to go to your personal Money Center, not your Project's. If you want to set up your Project's Money Center, use Kroogi as that Project.

Your personal Money Center and your project's Money Centers exist independently of each other. That means that the payment systems for your user profile and your Projects need to be set up individually.

3. The "Money Settings" link on the right will direct you to a page, where you can add your WebMoney account as your withdrawal account. You will be asked to review and accept the appropriate sections of the Kroogi Terms of Service. Then, click the "Connect WebMoney" button to open our WebMoney Wizard, which simplifies the WM purse setup. After you review the instructions, proceed by clicking "Next Step."

4. Click the "Set Purse Permissions" button on the following page. Select the "Light" tab for "WM Keeper Light," enter the code and click "Enter." After that, the system will request the certificate that was stored in the browser.

Attention: If you have enabled SMS verification in your WM security settings, you will have to complete it to continue.

5. After you are redirected, complete the authorization to grant Kroogi permission to use your WMZ purse.
Make sure all boxes are checked before you click "I agree, WMId:…."

6. You will be redirected back to Kroogi. Leave this browser window or tab open and return to the WM Keeper Light browser window or tab.

7. Go to the WM inbox and select the new message from with the subject line "Your Z purse at Kroogi" or "Activating the purse at Kroogi." If you see more than one message, open the most recent one.

8. Go back to the Kroogi web browser window or tab, enter the activation code, and click "Attach Purse."

9. When you visit your Money Center, your WebMoney account should be listed as your withdrawal account.

Receiving Contributions for Your Content
Once you visit the Money Center to set up your payment system, you will be able to receive contributions for any content available on your user or Project profile. Just check the box next to "Request contributions for these items" when you upload content. If you uploaded the content prior to setting up the payment system, request contributions in its editing options.

If you wish to receive contributions for a music album or a track, you will need to make it available for download first. Once the album containing your music is ready, follow the "Make this album downloadable" link, located inside the album to the right of your playlist. Then, fill out the short form and click "Generate File" to create a downloadable .zip file and start receiving contributions.

TPS Campaign
What is it?
The Kroogi TPS (threshold pledge system) Campaign tool was built to help you raise funds for creative projects that aim to deliver clear and measurable results. The objective of such a project, among other things, can be to record a music album, write a children's book, organize a photo exhibit, film a documentary, build an art installation, or put together a community event – the sky's the limit.

However, keep in mind that the TPS Campaign tool is for creative projects only and cannot be used for charitable projects or to solicit loans or investment. In the event that your campaign reaches its funding goal, the money you collect with your TPS Campaign will never have to be repaid. If you are interested in raising money for a charitable cause check out our FundDrive tool.

To inspire support, you can offer cool Crowdfunding Rewards, which can be anything from signed book copies and free event passes to ringtones and voice mail greetings recorded specifically for special supporters. Be creative! Rewarding your participants is key to your campaign's success, so offer tokens your followers will crave.

Rewards are assigned a price and a delivery method and must be delivered after the campaign successfully reaches its funding goal. If your tokens must be mailed, campaign options will help you gather all the necessary information.

If a campaign fails to reach its funding goal, all contributions (minus any payment system service fees) will be refunded and tokens will not be delivered.

Deadline and Target Amount
Because we strive to protect the interests of everyone involved, TPS Campaign funding is all-or-nothing. This means a project must reach its funding goal by the set date in order to receive the funds, so choose your target amount and deadline carefully. Once the funding goal is reached the campaign owner must make a public report concluding the results, outlining further steps, and clarifying the status of all undelivered tokens.

It is ok to exceed the target amount, but you cannot fall short of your campaign's funding goal. In the event that the funding goal is not reached by the set deadline, all contributions (minus any payment system service fees) will be refunded to the participants and tokens will not be delivered.

Activating Your Campaign
Go to "Settings" in the Account dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the website, under "Kroogi Tools" choose "TPS Campaign," and fill in the required information to request activation. After we review your request, we may contact you with additional questions and information, so be sure to check your Kroogi message center frequently.

Promoting Your Campaign
Once your campaign is approved, use your existing social network to let others know about it; use embed codes and share your TPS Campaign slideshow on your official and social networking websites. This will make it easy for your friends and followers to find out about your campaign, participate with fewer clicks, and help you spread the word. Remember, how actively you promote your Kroogi campaign online will determine how much you will benefit from using our tool.

What is it?
The Kroogi TicketBooth tool allows venue owners, performers, and other event organizers to sell tickets to any event. Tickets can be of multiple types (e.g. VIP passes, front row, etc.) and price ranges.

Event Cancellations
If the event is cancelled, the TicketBooth owner is responsible for notifying all attendees, who purchased tickets through the event's Kroogi TicketBooth, and refunding all ticket fees (minus any payment system service fees).

Activating Your TicketBooth
Go to "Settings" in the Account dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the website, under "Kroogi Tools" choose "TicketBooth," and fill in the required information to request activation. After we review your request, we may contact you with additional questions and information, so be sure to check your Kroogi message center frequently. Be ready to provide documentation and references, proving your right to sell tickets to the event.

Promoting Your TicketBooth
Once your booth is approved, use your existing social network to let others know about it; use embed codes and share your TicketBooth slideshow on your official and social networking websites. This will make it easy for your friends and followers to find out about your event, buy tickets with fewer clicks, and invite other friends to join them at the event. Remember, how actively you promote your Kroogi booth online will determine how much you will benefit from using our tool.

What is it?
The Kroogi MasterClass tool is designed for instructors of various disciplines. It allows them to reach their students from anywhere in the world and share their knowledge through online lessons via Skype video.

How It Works
Instead of having instructors set non-negotiable prices, the MasterClass tool lets students make offers. Students can also write an introduction, explaining why they want to participate. Instructors can accept or reject student offers. If instructors want to indicate a specific offer amount that is guaranteed acceptance, they may do so in their MasterClass description.

Once an offer is accepted, the instructor proposes a date and time. The student either proposes a different time or confirms by submitting a payment. Both, the instructor and the student should keep an eye on their Kroogi message center throughout the negotiation process.

After a lesson, students will be asked to rate their experience. Consistently low ratings or complaints will lead to a careful MasterClass review by our staff.

System Requirements
Both, instructors and students must be able to make Skype video calls in order to make this tool work. Kroogi instructors also have to keep video records of their lessons, which must have sound. Should a conflict between a student and an instructor arise, we will ask the instructor to submit the videos for our review and use them to settle all disputes concerning lesson quality and refunds.

If you have questions about recording lessons on Skype, contact our user support.

Activating Your MasterClass
Go to "Settings" in the Account dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the website, under "Kroogi Tools" choose "MasterClass," and fill in the required information to request activation. After we review your request, we may contact you with additional questions and information, so be sure to check your Kroogi message center frequently.

Promoting Your MasterClass
Once your master class is approved, use your existing social network to let others know about it; use embed codes and share your MasterClass slideshow on your official and social networking websites. This will make it easy for your friends and followers to learn about your class, participate with fewer clicks, and help you spread the word. Remember, how actively you promote your Kroogi class online will determine how much you will benefit from using our tool.

It's important to create proper ID3 tags before uploading your music on Kroogi, so when fans download your music they can see the name of your album/tracks, and they can find it easily on their computer.

Also, your mp3 compression rates need to be set to 320 kbps.

This tutorial will give you instructions for editing ID3 tags using Windows, Mac(iTunes), Winamp and Foobar.

For Windows Users:
(Note: if you are a Windows user but you manage your music with iTunes, you can also follow the steps for Mac users below.)

To add ID3 tags in Windows:

1. Right Click on the mp3 file of your track.
2. Select Properties.
3. Select the tab "Summary."
4. Click on the "Advanced" button.

5. In the window, enter your MP3 information (aka, its ID3 tags). Make sure you include the following information:
• Artist
• Title
• Genre
• Album title
• Order of tracks

6. When finished, click OK.

For Mac Users:
1. Add your album to your iTunes library if you haven't already.
2. Open iTunes and find the album that needs to be edited.
3. Select all the tracks in the album and hit the command key and "i" key (or, press ctrl, click, and select "get info"). This way, you can edit information for the whole album at once.

4. Select the "Info" tab. Make sure you include the following information:
• Artist
• Name
• Genre
• Album title

5. To edit individual tracks, select one track at a time and hit the command key and "i" key.

6. When finished, click "OK."

How to Edit ID3 Tags Using Winamp
There are two ways to edit your ID3 tags if you prefer using Winamp.

First option:

1. Open the MP3 that needs editing with the Winamp player.
2. Double click on the "Track Info" area in the player.
3. When the ID3 tag editing window opens, put in the correct information for the track, including the song title, artist, and album. Click "OK" when done.

Second option

1. Open the Winamp player.
2. Find the track that needs editing, and right-click on it. Choose "View File Info."
3. This will allow you to edit the ID3 tags of the track. Click "OK" when done.

How to Edit ID3 Tags Using Foobar2000
1. Once you've opened Foobar, right-click on the track that needs editing. Click "Properties" in the drop-down menu.
2. Click on the Metadata tab once the "Properties" window has opened.

3. Click on the box of the information you want to add/change, such as the artist, album, or track. Once clicked, you will be able to enter the information.
4. Click "OK" when done.
These are the questions asked most frequently through our feedback form.

Why am I having trouble downloading music files?

Our system differentiates mp3 files by special ID3 tags associated with mp3 (artist, year, album and so on). Your mp3 file have to have those tags (even if they are just blank). To make your file recognizable, simply open it in iTunes, or edit tags manually.

How do I invite other people to open a Kroogi account?

There are 2 ways to invite your friends to Kroogi:

1. Go to your Subscribers tab and click on the "Invite More" button. Enter your friends' email addresses and click "Search". If your friends are not registered on Kroogi, you can send an invitation via email for them to join the Kroogi community and one of your circles.

2. If you want to invite someone to, but not to your circles, go to the "--Select an Action--" drop-down tab at the top of the page and select the "Invite to Network" option. Now you can enter an email address, and send an invitation.