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как выбрать денежную систему Вебмани
01 Dec 2017 02:07 pm
Здравствуйте! Как отключить ежемесячный платеж?
29 Oct 2017 08:58 pm
Здравствуйте, как мне установить не яндекс кошелек, а вебмани?
25 Oct 2017 07:28 am
Доброго времени суток! Подскажите, пожалуйста, что надо сделать, чтобы проект ( появился в списках определённых коллекций (музыкальных директорий)? Сообщения кураторам и отправленные черед специальную форму рекомендации (запросы) остались без ответа.
13 May 2017 03:05 pm
как мп-3 файл присоединить?
23 Apr 2017 09:14 pm
What kind of circles are there, and how do they work?

There are two circles, two spheres of communication, if you will, on Kroogi: the Subscribers Circle and the Inner Circle.

The Subscribers Circle is open to everyone and anyone. Subscribers can view documents, blog articles, videos, and other such material that is available to the Subscribers Circle.

The Inner Circle is another matter – the only way in is by invitation. One can be invited either personally by the artist, or an invitation may be generated by the system once one has somehow enabled the artist, either financially or by sharing the artist's content on various networks in a meaning ful, prolific way. Those in the Inner circle can see not only the content available to the Subscribers, but also material that is limited to the Inner Circle. The section where this content is, is called the Huddle.

Those included in the Inner Circle also have access to additional options – for example, using our “interview” function, one can ask a question directly to an artist, or browse previous questions.

You can invite anyone you want to your Inner Circle, provided that they are already part of your Subscribers Circle.

Inner Circle's are mutually inclusive: if someone has added you to their Inner Circle and you accepted their invitation, - they are then automatically included in your Inner Circle in return.

How do I edit my user or project page (language, profile picture, personal information, etc.)?

At the top right-hand corner you will find the link Account, by clicking on it you will open a drop-down menu with the option Settings. You can specify the primary language of your interface as well as other details by selecting Settings > Account Settings > Profile Details. You can change the language in which you are viewing the site at any time, at the top of the Account drop-down menu.

I want to invite another user to host my project. How do i do this?

On the left-hand side of your project's home page you will see a tab labeled Hosts. After selecting the tab, click on the Invite Host button that comes up on the right, and enter the Kroogi name of the user you want to entrust with management of the project. The user will receive a formal invitation via e-mail and Kroogi message notifications. Once the user accepts your invitation, they will be instated as a host.

What is Kroogi Portfolio?

This is your calling card on Kroogi; it contains your information and shows 3 of your best pieces of work (music, video, photos, etc.).

For details on how to create a spectacular Portfolio, and on how great in works with Facebook pages, read this.

Is it possible to promote creative content on Kroogi?
Kroogi offers a set of special tools that you can use to quickly increase your audience and draw attention to creative content.
For details on how to most effectively carry out a PR campaign and promote your work on Kroogi, read this.
I would like to temporarily hide my project content from other users. How do I do this?

At the top right-hand corner you will find the link Account, by clicking on it you will open a drop-down menu with the option Settings - select it. Once you are in your Settings, in the right-hand column, click on the project you want to hide.

Next, on the left-hand bar select Privacy Settings > Visibility > Hide. Once you're ready, you can make it visible again to users by going through the same process.

Is there a limit to the sizes of files that can be uploaded to Kroogi?
Yes, the File Size limits are as follows:

MP3 Files - 150 MB

Images - 6 MB

Downloadable File (.zip, .flac, .pdf) - 800MB
What is a "Label" on Kroogi, and how does it work?

A Label is a certain type of project on Kroogi, which unlike conventional projects may combine other projects and artist pages.
The Label Host(s) can upload content, adding them to the relevant content creator/author and member of the Label.
Content creators/authors do not necessarily have to entrust the management of their entire creative catalog to the same label, a separate decision can be made regarding each separate album.
For now, creation of such projects is under the control of Kroogi administrators.
More information about the relationship between Label and Creator/Artist can be obtained by contacting Kroogi Support.

What are collections? How can I place my project into them?

Collections are thematic topic/category sections within Kroogi. On the main Kroogi page you can see the main ones: Music, Art, Photos, Videos, Texts, and More. Content within these sections is grouped into Collections, to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

If you are a content creator/author and you would like to put your project into one of these Collections, but cannot choose only one, you should place yourself into several. For example: Hip-Hop, Video-Art, and the Music of Yekaterinburg. To place your project into a particular collection, go to the collection page, and on the right-hand side you will find a suggestion form. Enter your project's Kroogi Name (as in your project's url address) into the form and click Suggest.

How can I share what I watch, listen to, and recommend on Kroogi within other social networks?

You have friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Livejournal, Vkontakte? Excellent!
With one click you can tell them what kind of awesome music, paintings, photographs, stories, or concert announcement you found on Kroogi.
On any page, whether it's an artist's profile or content page, you will see several appropriate icons (for each of the aforementioned networks), by clicking, you share links to your favorite Kroogi material in your feed on that network's site.

If you are a content creator/author, you may want to place a Kroogi player with music (or photography, etc.) on your own website; use the Embed Player/Album Codes provided on the right-hand side of your content. The FB Transmit button will share your Music (or other content) album in a pretty little player (that comes complete with a "Contribute" button) right onto Facebook. To edit your FB Transmit Settings follow the link account > settings > social networks > facebook.

If you are a connoisseur/ listener, support your favorite artist by sharing their content player, or tell your friends about new music by posting the player on to your Facebook timeline.

How much of the money Contributed to me goes to Kroogi? Why can't I cash my received funds?

To allow other users to download your content and Contribute money, you must connect a payment system (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Dwolla). At the top right-hand corner you will find the link Account > Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear. Then click Settings > Money Settings to set up your payment system.

Kroogi's service fee is 15% (fifteen percent) of the amount of all Contributions/payments received through the payment systems WebMoney, Yandex.Money, and Dwolla (in the near future), and 8% for contributions/payments received via SMS.

NOTE: 50% (fifty percent) of SMS payments go to your mobile service provider and sms-payment aggregator. That's a lot - so you can disable SMS-payments in your Money Settings.

To find out all the information about your contributions/payments on Kroogi, click "Account">"Money Settings" in the top-right hand corner. Money is transferred to the payment system attached to your account.

NOTE: Each payment on Kroogi requires a mandatory waiting period ("waiting period"), which is 30 days (60 days for payments made by credit card). After this period, you will be able to cash out your money. This time is necessary to ensure the safety and legality of all payments made through the Kroogi system.

For details on how to receive money on Kroogi, read this.

What are Kroogi recommendations and personal feeds?

News feeds help you keep track of friends as well as of new material that has been added by other users on Kroogi.

To view your personal feed and see the latest developments in your circles, click the word Feed in the upper right-hand corner of your page. To become acquainted with new and unfamiliar artists, check out the Recommendations tab on the main Kroogi page.

What do I do if I paid for an album, but for some reason could not download the file?

In that case, you can always download the file again by opening the page of the album you wish to download and entering "0" as the payment amount. In addition, links to all the albums that you have paid for are stored in your messages (upper right-hand corner) in the download links tab.

How do I edit a music track / picture, etc.?
Open the folder with the content that you would like to edit, select "Edit" on the right hand panel (If this album is a downloadable file, or system asks that you delete the zip-file while editing). In the window that opens, 3 tabs will appear on the left-hand panel, select manage content Next to your desired content item, you will see the edit (notepad) icon, click it, edit as you wish and do not forget to click save.

If you want to re-make the album downloadable, go to the third tab on the left-hand panel, downloads & contributions, and create a zip-file (this is possible only for Kroogi users who have connected a payment system).
I want other users to download my content and contribute money. How do I do this?

To allow users to download your content and contribute money, you must connect a payment system (WebMoney, Yandex.Money or Dwolla). At the top right-hand corner, click on the link Account > Settings > Money Settings.

After connecting a payment system, go to the folder that you want to make downloadable, and click Edit on the right-hand side. A new window will open with 3 tabs on the left; select the third tab down, downloads & contributions > click on the blue button generate zip > now select which content items the user has to download in a single file. Click on set contributions to specify payment terms (recommended or minimum contribution) > click generate zip > once the file is created, click save and exit ! Done!

Now all that's left is to spread the word to the world and receive contributions from supporters and spectators - don't forget to post your handy Kroogi players (with convenient contribute buttons) in other social networks. Good luck!